Thursday, April 22, 2010

Commercial Art...

This commercial for Olympus took over 60,000 images to make. Of those 60,000 images over 9,000 were printed and used in the final commercial. It's really a different take on photography and art, pretty cool

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Off Road

Need a new ride? Check out the new Rally Fighter, which boast 30 mpg highway feature as well. Forget the new breed of SUV's this is where it's at, check out the Specs or go to the homepage Here

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

...Baltimore Birds



This is how I did it: chopped some garlic & jalapeno pepper & mixed in with the meat.
Fried some mushrooms & sweet red pepper, separately, in good Cretan olive oil - put in toaster oven to keep warm.
Cooked hamburger; just before done put some sliced mozzarella cheese on top & covered w. a pot lid till melted.
Served on bread (roll would have been even better) with a little mustard, mushrooms & sweet pepper both on top, and as a side.

Easy, quick, delicious meal!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Super Fresh Tuxedo Project...

The idea here is to compile a satellite site for all the things which I find interesting. In short it's an attempt to roll all of the blogs into one central booking/op center/war room. A War Room for Peace. A 7-11 for the soul. Here you will find Links to other sites. Photos grabbed and shamelessly ripped from The Net (although Ill try to give credit to anything when I can find the credit that should be given:Im not trying to steal art-Im just trying to pass it along. Im not trying to promote myself Im trying to promote others.) Furthermore I encourage contributions. I'm depending on it. So we will see how long this lasts and we will hope that it does not fade into oblivion in some dark, dusty corner of the Web (like Confessions of an Amateur Chef-which sadly has lost it's spice) OK. So thats the Mission Statement. Bigger and Better things,right?

This photo is from Flickr...and I have no idea who took it. But if your out there and you see this photo...mucho props..